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PowerFreeZzz - A centralized management solution of computer power states


OPNS offers you a tool to optimize your PC power management :

PowerFreeZzz delivers a centralized management of computer power states. This central management will lower the energy state out of office hours. We eliminate wasted energy in order to reduce your energy cost. This reduction of the carbon footprint will boost your organization in CSR.

For more information, please visit www.powerfreezzz.com.




 DSGuardian - Directory recovery at the speed of your business !

  • Specialized Data Recovery solution for your LDAP Directory
  • Flexible Recovery Options: recover as much as the entire tree or as little as a single object or attribute
  • Maximum IT efficiency with streamlined backup and recovery
  • Centralized, automated backup
  • Empower your other Novell or NetIQ products
  • Strengthen your existing backup investment


For more information, please visit www.dsguardian.com.
ObserveIT User Activity Session Recording software meets the complex compliance and security challenges of user auditing. 
ImageObserveIT acts like a security camera on your servers, generating video recording and text audit logs of every action the user performs. ObserveIT captures all activity, even for applications that do not produce their own internal logs. Every action performed by remote vendors, deployers, sysadmins and business users is tied to a video recording, providing bulletproof forensic evidence.
More information available here .
Condusiv Technologies

Condusiv Technologies  Condusiv Technologies creates high-performance software that optimises and maintains application performance and efficiency, extends equipment longevity to make technology, people and businesses more productive. From the moment Condusiv software is installed on physical or virtual systems, the technology ensures data performance is automatically optimised. Requiring zero overhead, our energy-efficient, "Set It and Forget It"® solutions are used by over 90% of the Fortune 500 and almost three-quarters of The Forbes Global 100. 

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